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Call to Action


Upcoming: Seminar FAIR Data & AI - February 4, 2019 @ Erasmus MC Rotterdam. Click here for more info.

Kick-off Seminar - December 13, 2018  @ Erasmus MC Rotterdam was a great knowledge sharing experience.

The summary can be found here and the program and presentations here.


Call to action

Picture_0.pngOn December 13 at their facilities in Rotterdam. Prof. Hofstra (Head of the  Department of Clinical Genetics Erasmus-MC) kicked-off the Data driven health lab seminar. The insights and practical information are shared on this site and linked to this LinkedIN group. You are invited to join this communityship and participate in the journey to create a data driven lab with the health clients in mind.


The data driven health lab communityship develops and shares their knowledge to understand the needs to deliver this service in the future across our multiple stakeholders. Besides the online and social media channels we believe in detailed personal workshops and follow up congresses for knowledge sharing.

It is all about digital health compliance . Doctors, diagnostic advisors and medical specialists are screaming for holistic overview to deliver a better diagnostic or discovery test for our lab clients. This process is about transparency and delivering the lab service data trusted to our stakeholders.  Do we know how we can exchange health data trusted across laboratories, doctors and scientists? Do we know how to manage health data consistently between our external partners, doctors, insurance companies and the citizen (test subject!) etc?

It is all about applying new GDPR compliance regulations. Do we know how to prepare our processes to support the new GDPR (AVG) privacy regulations? Do we know what the risks and impact are for our lab clients if we fail in our processes?

It is all about supporting EU health care compliance. Are we confident that we follow the EU policies and actions in public health aim to protect and improve the health of EU citizens?

Ignoring adding costs for health care is not an option. Do we know which new technologies are available to reduce cumbersome manual and redundant paperwork? Do we know which proven technologies can instantly reduce costs, increase quality and enable an embedded process to support our lab clients?

Your call to action. Everybody who wants to contribute to the data driven health lab community including

  • Genetics, Pathology, Radiology diagnostic and research/discovery professionals
  • Management teams
  • Data experts
  • Consumers of the scientific data in Research, Industry and Discovery departments.
  • Instrument and data service providers

During the seminar all participants will have multiple opportunities to share feedback or concerns.

Program topics - data driven health lab

  • Potential strategies to enable data sharing for secured re-use by design
  • How self-documenting data acquisition processes at the source embeds quality by design
  • Introduction to data driven lab to ensure the data is Findable, Accessible and Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR)
  • Learnings from industry and comparable scientific communities
  • Impact of GDPR in a data driven lab in healthcare
  • Biomedical imaging and genetic (BIG) data analytics @ work
  • Panel discussion
    • Potential of Co-operatives and new technologies in healthcare
    • Importance of data harmonization of health data for clinical and research professionals with the health client as key stakeholder.


What differs the data driven lab from others and why do we think it's important?

  • The data driven lab works closely with its instrument and kit suppliers and is directly linked to their best practice Standard Operating Procedure.
  • The lab has a Quality Control and Assurance process to monitor any change in the process. This process is fully automated, and the reporting is data driven.
  • The lab handles highly personal data. By design the lab data process uses de-identified data that is linked via multiple key to the personal data. This is required for privacy and security by design.
  • The lab delivers the test data for its primary use trusted to its discovery and clinical clients. The service uses standard data exchange interfaces, so it can be easily integrated with other electronic health data systems.
  • The data is archived by design using the FAIR principles. It is therefore Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable for secondary use.




Using the scientific health data

Research, Industry/Discovery

Learn how clients receive personalized lab data and direct support

Creating the data

Lab (Genetics, Pathology, Radiology)

Learn about FAIR data curation and opportunities for (big data) re-use

Managing the data

Management team

Learn how the lab becomes part of a value network

Industry partners

Lab instrument and data service providers

Learn how to co-operate with labs and their clients and monitor the data quality

Data driven lab sponsors

Health insurers. Research Grant Organizations. Ministry of Health. Industry. Citizens.

Learn how a lab is key service component of a data driven health value chain


Who should participate and become a data driven health lab change agent?

Everybody who wants to contribute to the data driven health lab community including

  • Genetics, Pathology, Radiology data driven health providers.
  • Management teams.
  • Consumers of the health data in Research, Industry and Discovery departments and institutes.
  • Instrument and data service providers.